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Publication Date December 5, 2006
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SR/CL: Leitmotiv: ОРΓHN EN HMEPA OPΓHΣ }}+}The Loyal Order of Un-reconstructed Freaks sola gratia reports to The Shareholders that after a 34 year hiatus, The JP Morgan/Mao Tse-Tung Trading Company will resume operations, thanks to the liquidation of The Frog Fund and subsequent re-investment in Cameco, as made a matter of record, Videte: ADW, 4/29/2005; on 2/23/06, Cameco stock split 2:1, thereby enabling the initiation of The Agenda, Pars Secunda. The subliminal channel transmissions (via analogia, 6930 KHZ) will provide access to the processing of the financial derivatives—Truman Wetmore, Ridley & Latimer, Jenny Geddes and Bartimaeus may continue to access The-Local-Yokel-Pig-'''Pond-Scum''' ["Blatter-Zunge, kranck zu sprachen..."—G. Greflinger] with impunity, as per 5/1/2004, 3rd Level. [Amusing how the Scum are facilitating their own annhilation.]"blood in, blood out"}**}Thomas Bradwardine skippered The City of Richmond to 11° 22.394' N., 142° 35.541' E., and on St. Andrew's Day, after a gratifying somatic degaussing, fulfilled the temporal portion of St. Luke 9:62, thus completing the Trash Disposal; [ 2nd, 5/1/97-;-3rd, 5/1/91];;Chemnitz , as per Mondschein, (#14), Sonate, 5/1/89 sub specie Exodus 22:20, is coordinating the re-focusing of 36°9' N., 5° 22'. W., as per The Agenda, Pars Secunda, funded at the sub-plenary, 59° 53' 50" N., 17° 35' 19" E., Epiphany, 2006. }}}#/∞}"When shown the Lake of Fire, with the damned struggling in the flames, I said, 'There is no torment worse than this.' But the Archangel Michael replied, 'No, these are the lucky ones. Millions have sunk to the bottom and them God forgot.' " —Dostoyevsky. Orate pro nobis.

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