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12/7/05 Ad
Publication Date December 7, 2005
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SR/CL: Leitmotiv: "I do not seek. I find."—Picasso

Sally, in a world of whores (exempli gratia: “nullum amans vere, sed identidem omnium ilia rumpens")—you were a woman without price. Your strategy of misshapen calligraphy and slurred, sophomoric fragments still has the Pigs and the Hirelings, with their divided minds, distracted and dismissive. All of whom-all of which would be more ontologically accurate-could read this and be none the wiser. LORD JESUS CHRIST, when all dust that was flesh is summoned to The Judgment, remember the eternal covenant made at her Baptism and sealed in her Confirmation-for we have no hope but Your blood. {★//★} Winter Tour, 2005: The Asylum Choir booked passage on the Hanjin Shanghai (3FGI5), 9/11/2005 at 37.5833°N., 122.2500°W., including luggage forwarded by The Midget Tag Team. Delivery sub specie: ADW, 5/1/89 {3}//1. Ireton sends fraternal greetings to the Dallas Section: The shipment for the Arbella should be prepared in congruity with 12 C.F.R. §201.51 vis-à-vis 12 C.FR. §211.5(b). The Orphanage concurs with the factual findings of the latest sub-plenary: Cambridge Section is authorized to use the facilities at 42°31.4 N., 70°52.6 W., et seqq. }}+} Alberich & Winthrop: PREPARE TO COME ABOUT.

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The Orphanage

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