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12/7/11 Ad
Publication Date December 7, 2011
Page A13
Ad Source MM Site
Smiley Type Smiley with 7 hairs, Irregular Smiley

Ad Transcript

SR/CL: Leitmotiv: Δ ≃ 1 / (8e^2*λ^2*ξ^2)

Level 4: E. Wolf, Pereginatio

[München, 1954], 135 et seqq.

Ad Border

232 x Star Symbol

There are 26 stars on the top and bottom line.

There are 15 rows of 6 stars on the left and right side.

Ad Artwork

The Eye of Providence and a slightly messy Smiley with 7 hairs fill the center of the ad.

Ad Image



Ad Interpretation