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|data2 = April 25, 2018
|data2 = April 25, 2018
|label3= Ad Source
|label3= Ad Source
|data4 = [https://issuu.com/arizonadailywildcat/docs/complete_issue_4.25.18 ADW Online], Page 13
|data3 = [https://issuu.com/arizonadailywildcat/docs/complete_issue_4.25.18 ADW Online], Page 13
|label4 = Smiley Type
|label4 = Smiley Type
|data4 = [[Smiley with 5 hairs]]
|data4 = [[Smiley with 5 hairs]]

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4/25/18 Ad
Publication Date April 25, 2018
Ad Source ADW Online, Page 13
Smiley Type Smiley with 5 hairs

Ad Transcript

SR/CL: Leitmotiv: "Our rest we expect elsewhere."


Pym. Hampden, Haslerig, Holles and Strode have escaped into the City. The 488th Anniversary of the Confessio Augustana will be celebrated in the Commonwealth Room of the Hotel California. The Loyal Order of Un-reconstructed Freaks will serve le bout de porc from the latest Pig-acquisitions. The Summer Tour will be podcast by The Little Orphan Children via the Auld Licht frequency. The frequency should be modulated by the metrics of "here, open this bank and shoal of time." The Orphanage directly instructs all cells west of the 100th meridian to beware increased activity of the Pelagian devils, especially in the bogus ecumenical gambit. Orate pro nobis. ★

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Double thick black border with names on each side.

Top: Luther

Left: Gustavus Adolphus !

Right: Cromwell #

Bottom: Calvin ;

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SR/CL: Leitmotiv: "Our rest we expect elsewhere."



This quote is drawn from a letter written by Oliver Cromwell to his friend Oliver St. John on September 1, 1648.

God preserve us all, that we, in simplicity of our spirits, may patiently attend upon them. Let us all be not careful what men will make of these actings. They, will they, nill they, shall fulfil the good pleasure of God; and we — shall serve our generations. Our rest we expect elsewhere: that will be durable. Care we not for to-morrow, nor for anything. This Scripture has been of great stay to me : read Isaiah Eighth, 10, 11, 14; — read all the Chapter.

Full Letter

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