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==Ad Artwork==
==Ad Artwork==
The central cross-shaped section contains five chemical compound diagrams and the phrase "Gef ûs dago gehuuilikes râd, drohtin the gôdo."
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Publication Date April 29, 2005
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SR/CL: MayDay, 2005

LEITMOTIV: καί oὕτω φoβεoὀv ἦv τὀ

φαvταξόμεvov, Mωῢσῆϛ εἶπεv, ῎Eκφoβόϛ εἰμι καἰ ἔvτρoμoϛ·

VALUE 7.297 352 533 x 10-3

Amygdala: The Loyal Order of Un-reconstructed Freaks will host the 475th Anniversary celebration of the Confessio Augustana in the Neutron Moderator of the Hotel California, JD 2453547.29166667 (Delta T: 66.40353 seconds). The Feast will feature Cochin de lait à la portugais washed down with copious quantities of Detuterium Oxide, all within the solid support of 20MnMoNi55 RPV-steel. The (numbered) guest list may be accessed in two formats: along with the always-available (locally) undetectable online-porcine-potpourri, there is the alternate venue available through 5435.0 (kHz)—consult 9/20/2000 (préchauffez le four à 130° C.)—use standard (passive) receiver rather than any form of interactive media whatsoever. The Orphanage specifically instructs caution.

Frontal Lobe: The Midget Tag Team, after culling numerous specimens, cultivated a single subject via RPR117824 (AMPA receptor antagonist) to provide cover for ROOISTER BOUVERENIGING's acquisition of blocks of Cameco (NYSE: CCJ) in July of 2003 to replace the (liquidated) Frog Fund. The acquisition cannot be traced by any opponent; full report to be delivered in the Delectation Dome after the Feast. Reservations, as noted supra, are to be anonymously lodged with The Local Yokel Pigs, whose "publication" may be accessed with impunity as they remain ever clueless, regarding themselves as Gallia Togata rather than the plebs sordida they really are.

Corpus Callosum: The Orphanage has mandated a locally specific implementation of Ezekiel 9 vis-a-vis Area of Interest, 5/1/89 (IV); Pig/helots unknowingly ingested confectionary gifts years ago which were impregnated with dopa decarboxylase (suitable for sus scrofa) and years after that were also given synchronization devices formulated by The Little Orphan Children--at least two are known currently to be in possession of the original subjects. Activate as per 5/1/93 sub specie Frequency 3150.0 (Mode, US), sumcheck verification: Frequency6930.0 (Mode, USB).

Cingulate Gyrus: Ireton and Capt. Morgan have jointly journeyed to 2121 11th Street, Saskatoon (S7M 1J3) to verify the alleged reserves.

The representations were correct, the reserves are intact and the only operant questions are extraction and the thermo-dynamically effective utilization thereof.

De Moivre's summation of pyro-processing within the context of the IFR will not be available in any format other

than viva voce, 6/25/2005, as the flux-optical-digitizer monitors the neuronic level in a manner previously unknown to any extant patent.

Hippocampus: Despite the foregoing successes, the neurotransmitter experiments have been a corpus mixtum and the motivational factor cannot be fully reduced to chemical components; e.g., despite the high-level interception announced at last year's Feast, den misstankte vagrade att syara pa nagar fragor. Random subjects which are unknowingly and intermittently saturated are highly malleable but those who have consciously given themselves to Error often remain recalcitrant even with multiple injections and thus historic methods of rectification and recycling cannot be abandoned. Alas.

Stria Terminalis: Winthrop has cleared North Foreland via the Arbella with the main sky-sail billowed by "Les Morts Dansant" and the pennant emblazoned with Judges 7:20. Simultaneously, Endecott is piloting the City of Richmond from Netzach to Tiphareth along the (in modo loquendi) 24th Path, with the electro-magnetic cargo (cf., Fermi's Fear) specified in 5/1/95. Rendezvous at 71.062207 W., 42.350804 N., Ascension Day—Delta T 66.26765 seconds--under the cybernetic roof of die Mitläufer specified in 8/4/2004, Level III. Laus Deo!

Ad Artwork

The central cross-shaped section contains five chemical compound diagrams and the phrase "Gef ûs dago gehuuilikes râd, drohtin the gôdo."

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