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MAY DAY 2006
Publication Date May 1, 2006
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SR/CL: May Day, 2006; Leitmotiv: "et curvat imperia"

As previously communicated via ["the low-grade, small-bore decadence found chiefly among liberal Republicans and ritual killers"], there has been a Third Level Penetration by the cursed Revisionists (videte: St. Luke 9:62). The Little Orphan Children and The Midget Tag Team are unanimous in refusing to guarantee the structural integrity of the "levees" against a "Category 5" assault by the Pelagian devils. THE ORPHANAGE concurs with the cybernetic assessment. Ergo, "read" the May Day 2006 plaintext--including the itinerary for the Summer Tour in the Alternate Venue as per 5/1/89, FOURTH LEVEL, inclusive of the cyclotomic polynomials; set optical aperture at: St. Luke 8:36. The topological location of the 476th celebration of the Confessio Augustana is to be extrapolated by applying the Möbius function vis-à-vis the final Contrapunctus [Die Kunst der Fuge]. THE ORPHANAGE further directly instructs the (most current) Oath Giver to emulate somatically the already well-practiced procedure found (and verified empirically by both Winthrop and Thomas Bradwardine) in ISBN 1559390042 [1992], pp. 232-233; as to the source manuals from which you have practiced, sub specie et via analogia: ROMANS 10:02. Failsafe: Philippians 1:23; LUTHER, CALVIN, GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS, CROMWELL}}+{ι//ι.

Aratus: "Kak en betaal is die Wet van Transvaal."

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A star symbol appears to the left of the text, and an asterisk to the right.

Below the text are fragments of playing cards—The ace of diamonds, ace of clubs, queen of hearts, eight of spades, and eight of clubs. The two pairs (aces and eights) of black cards are known as the Dead Man's Hand, the poker hand reportedly held by Old West folk hero Wild Bill Hickok when he was murdered in 1876. Some view this poker hand as cursed or unlucky.


The significance of the queen of hearts is not as clear.

  • In the Paris system of playing cards, the queen of hearts represents Judith, decapitator of Holofernes.
  • In tarot, the Queen of Hearts is #38
  • In cartomancy, the Queen of Hearts is associated with several dates, including September 25, which is the date the Peace of Augsburg was signed in 1555.

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SR/CL: May Day, 2006; Leitmotiv: "et curvat imperia"

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