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MAY DAY 2012
Publication Date May 1, 2012
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SR/CL: May Day, 2012>!>Leitmotiv: "These are not natural events; they strengthen from strange to stranger."—W.S.

LUTHER }‎ קַטֵּר יַקְטִירוּן כַּיּוֹם הַחֵלֶב, [sensus plenior] { CALVIN

The Orphanage directly instructs The Loyal Order of Un-reconstructed Freaks via William Stoughton to place the digital itinerary for the Summer Tour in the Alternate Venue (applicable Banach space, 3/10/93, Level II; calibrate optical aperture as per 5/1/96, Level I—the Hirelings seek obfuscation everywhere, especially when there is none). The 482nd Anniversary of the Confessio Augustana will be celebrated in Hus Hall @ The Hotel California, 1200 Hours, Kennmort: 1/16/91, Level II. De Moivre will present Dallas Section's most recent neurological investigation sub specie the Bayesian application which avoids the strategic hazards of adiposis universalis, cf., transcript, p. 23, line 17 et seqq., (latest) sub-plenary, Norbert's House--Widener concurs. (Peggy Dow's calculations [inter alia, Cytochrome P450 2C19] have in excess of 2 [two] SDs of empirical confidence; cf., 12/1/10, Level III.) The Hudson Valley Licensor is to proceed statim. Mistah Kurtz is instructed to suppress the infestation of Taenia solium - the specific ontological taeniasis has been traced by Ireton to the Pelagian devils. Politi der verbrannten Erde regrettably but necessarily precedes Le Nettoyage.


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  • The Alternate Venue -
  • Hus Hall @ The Hotel California -

Religious References

Historical References

  • William Stoughton - Chief judge and prosecutor during the Salem Witch Trials. Later served as lieutenant governor and governor of Massachusetts. Wikipedia
  • De Moivre - Abraham De Moivre was a French mathematician best known for De Moivre's formula, which linked complex numbers and trigonometry. He also wrote "The Doctrine of Chance," a book about probability theory. Wikipedia
  • Norbert's House - It is unclear which of many Norberts or Houses this refers to. The most likely candidates are:
    • St. Norbert of Xanten (1080-1134) was a Roman Catholic Priest best known for backing Pope Innocent II against the Antipope Anacletus II in 1130. In Norbert's last years, he was chancellor and adviser to Lothair II, the Holy Roman Emperor, persuading him to lead an army in 1133 to Rome to restore Innocent to the papacy. He founded an order called the Premonstratensians, or Norbertines. Norbert was of German heritage and noble blood, with relatives in the Holy Roman Empire and the House of Lorraine (also know as Lothier or Lotharingia). Wikipedia
    • St. Norbert's College in De Pere, WI is the only Norbertine college in the world. It was originally founded to train young men for the priesthood in 1898, but now functions as a co-ed Catholic liberal arts college. It prides itself on "radical hospitality." Website
  • Widener - The Wideners were a wealthy Philadelphia family with a tragic history. Patriarch George Dunton Widener was a businessman who ran the Philadelphia Traction Company and served as Director of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. His son, Harry Elkins Widener, was a well-known bibliophile and later the namesake of Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library at Harvard University. Both men perished in the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.
Harry Elkins Widener

Scientific References

  • Banach space - A Banach space is a normed linear space that is a complete metric space with respect to the metric derived from its norm. The Banach space is named after the Polish mathematician Stefan Banach, and plays a central role in functional analysis. UC Davis
  • Optical aperture - In optics, an aperture is a hole or an opening through which light travels.
  • Bayesian application -
  • adiposis universalis - Excessive deposition of fat throughout the body, including the viscera.
  • Cytochrome P450 2C19
  • Taenia solium - The pork tapeworm. It is an intestinal parasite transmitted from pigs (the intermediate host) to humans (the final host).
  • Taeniasis - A parasitic disease due to infection with tapeworms belonging to the genus Taenia. Taeniasis can be contracted by eating undercooked or raw meat that contains tapeworm larvae.

Literary References

  • Mistah Kurtz


  • The Hebrew phrase is biblical Hebrew, not modern Hebrew. It is from 1 Samuel 2:16 - "'Let the fat be made to smoke first of all" or "Let the fat be burned first"
  • "Kennewort" means "password" in German
  • sub specie -
  • et seqq -
  • inter alia -
  • Politik der verbrannten Erde
  • Le Nettoyage