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*nil nisi - Latin, translates to "nothing unless"
*nil nisi - Latin, translates to "nothing unless"
==Mayday Mytharc==
==Ad Structure==
See [[Mayday Mytharc]] for more information.
[[Gustavus Adolphus]]: [[Pound Sign]] (#)
[[Gustavus Adolphus]]: [[Pound Sign]] (#)

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MAY DAY 2015
Publication Date May 1, 2015
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SR/CL: Leitmotiv: σιγα̃ν έπήνεσʹ --Sophocles

⏟ первьІй звонок


5/1/69, The Agenda} nil nisi

⏟ Ενχλείδης I,5: 7.6308 S., 72.6700 W.;

55.9494 N., 3.1908 W.; ADW,

5/1/91, IV, S.T.}São Joäo 9.4(b)}}★

G.A. #; Luther: ++; Crowwell: !; Calvin: !!

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The Sophocles quote translates to "Quietly praise." That term is only used once; In his tragedy Elektra, on line 1322, when Orestes speaks. There it translated as "Silence." Some versions reference the number 668 in the footnotes of this passage. Source: Locke on MM Site

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  • 7.6308 S, 72.6700 W - A forested residential area in Cruzeiro do Sul, Brazil between R. Benjamin Constant and R. Rio Grande de Norte. This point is roughly 3000 feet from the Juruá River.
  • 55.9494 N, 3.1908 W - St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, UK. Founded in the 12th century - Also known as the High Kirk of Edinburgh and the "Mother Church of Presbyterianism." Saint Giles is the patron saint of Edinburgh.
St Giles Cathedral - 01

Religious References

  • São Joäo 9:4(b) - The Portuguese name for Saint John the Baptist. In the Bible, John 9:4 reads "As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work."

Literary References

  • The Agenda - May refer to an article published in "Study Encounter 5.1" (1969) called "The Church for Others: Discussion in the DDR" by Swiss theologian Walter Hollenweger. He stressed that the church was not a private hobby, but where life and service were conducted according to the agenda of the world. Reference


  • Ενχλείδης I, 5 - Translated from Greek, Eukleidēs, or "renowned, glorious. More commonly called Euclid of Alexandria. He is known as the "father of geometry." The I and 5 may refer to the first book of his "Elements," and its fifth proposition, also known as the isosceles triangle theorem or pons asinorum (bridge of asses).
  • первьІй звонок - Translated from Russian, "first call." May refer to the famous "Call to Power" speech Lenin delivered on 10/24/1917 which included the line "We must not wait! We may lose everything!" Full Speech
  • nil nisi - Latin, translates to "nothing unless"

Ad Structure

Gustavus Adolphus: Pound Sign (#)

Martin Luther: Two Plus Signs (++)

Oliver Cromwell: Exclamation Point (!)

John Calvin: Two Exclamation Points (!!)