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5/1/20 Ad
MAY DAY 2020
Publication Date May 1, 2020
Ad Source MM Site
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Note Not published in the Arizona Daily Wildcat

Ad Transcript

SR/CL: Leitmotiv: MAY DAY, 2020:"The Heer, the Wehrmacht and the Kriegsmarine, were defeated by a Polish refugee and an English lunatic--there is hope for us all."

The Loyal Order of Un-reconstructed Freaks has projected the algorithmic efficiency for the Summer Tour and will post the benchmarks in The Alternate Venue by Trinity Sunday; J.H. has begun the successor to the Throne of the Third Heaven, while The Little Orphan Children have liaised with Dixwell, Whalley & Goffe sub specie ADW, 5/1/98, J.E.--L(II). The running dogs of Revisionism have been held at bay by Lorenzo and Peggy Dow, while Latimer & Ridley are preparing the NoSQL DBMS for das Schlachtfest. Laus Deo! Preparations for the forthcoming Plenary Session have been greatly expedited by Leona Woods cybernetically informing Deep Ellum Section that Chicago Pile-1 has gone critical, enabling The Sixth Floor (32° 46' 42" N., 96° 48' 26" W.) to once again, via analogia, advance The Agenda. Newly harvested Pigs will grace the banqueting hall in their highest and best use: Boudin du Béarn, as J. Cocker's "Eye on the Prize" provides the subdominant theme music. Brothers, who are only temporarily at 42.3752930, -71196840, we have just begun. Orate pro nobis. [ %!!##!*3rd ]

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SR/CL: Leitmotiv: MAY DAY, 2020:"The Heer, the Wehrmacht and the Kriegsmarine, were defeated by a Polish refugee and an English lunatic--there is hope for us all."

The Wehrmacht, or German Armed Forces, was the fighting force of Nazi Germany from 1933 until 1945. It was formed by Hitler and composed of three branches:

  • the Heer - land forces
  • the Luftwaffe - air forces
  • the Kriegsmarine - naval forces


The English lunatic is most likely Winston Churchill, who struggled with his "black dog" - bouts of melancholia and depression - throughout his life.

Ad References


The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly
  • J.H. - James Hampton (1909-1964) was an outsider artist who worked as a janitor but created one of America's most iconic works of outsider art: The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly. This massive religious sculpture - which consists of 180 pieces and is now housed in the Smithsonian - was built over 14 years out of scavenged materials like foil, cardboard, and glass. Quotes from the Book of Revelation are inscribed throughout. The centerpiece of the sculpture is a seven-foot tall throne created from a salvaged armchair crowned with the words "Fear Not." Hampton cited his religious visions as his inspiration for creating the Throne. The "third heaven" in the sculpture's name refers to God's realm, the heaven of heavens.
  • J.E. - Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758), featured in the Leitmotiv and imagery of the 5/1/98 ad. Edwards was a prominent American theologian, and was vital in shaping the First Great Awakening. He famously delivered the sermon "Sinners In the Hands of an Angry God" and was the grandfather of Aaron Burr.


The Dallas County Courthouse (Old Red Courthouse), 1909
  • 32° 46' 42" N., 96° 48' 26" W. - These coordinates are located in Dallas, Texas, just outside the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History & Culture - formerly known as the Old Red Courthouse. The courthouse was built in 1892 in the Richardsonian Romanesque style. It became a museum in 2007.
  • The Sixth Floor - The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in Dallas chronicles the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 and the political climate of the time. It is located on the spot where Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed JFK. The Sixth Floor museum is about two blocks from the Old Red Museum.
  • 42.3752930, -71196840 - If we interpret the second set of numbers as longitude, these coordinates lead to the Old Burying Ground in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This is a location that has been referenced in other ads previously, including 6/19/13.

Religious References

  • Trinity Sunday - Trinity Sunday celebrates the Holy Trinity - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In 2020, Trinity Sunday falls on June 7.

Historical References & People

  • Dixwell, Whalley & Goffe - a trio known as the 3 Judges - previously referenced in the 6/19/13 ad (more information on them there)
Chicago Pile-1
  • Leona Woods (1919-1986) - an American physicist who helped build the first nuclear reactor and the first atomic bomb. She worked with Enrico Fermi on Chicago Pile-1, the first artificial nuclear reactor, when she was only 23 years old. She was present when Chicago Pile-1 went critical, meaning it reached the state where the nuclear reaction was self-sustaining. CP-1 was built on the grounds of the University of Chicago, and represented the first major acheivement of the Manhattan Project during WWII.

[2] [3]

Scientific References

  • NoSQL DBMS - a non relational database that allows for storage and retrieval of data, without use of tabular relations used in relational databases. A NoSQL database is considered simpler and easier to scale to additional machines. The drawbacks of a NoSQL database include a lack of consistency and the lack of lower-level query languages (e.g. SQL) that allow joins across multiple tables.


Literary and Artistic References

  • J. Cocker's "Eye on the Prize" - a song from English singer Joe Cocker's album final studio album, Fire It Up, released in November 2012.

The lyrics seem appropriate for the May Day Mystery, as they encourage keeping your eye on the prize and perseverance. Cocker sings that in the verse that "life's only just begun" - a lyric directly referenced and emphasized in the ad text.

I said daddy: I wanna be in a working band

Daddy, I wanna be the best I can

He said: Keep your eye on the prize, keep your eye on the prize

One day you'll find there's a light and it shines for you

All my dreams of yesterday

Coming back through the eyes of my son

I sit back and I watch him play

Realise that life's just begun


  • das Schlachtfest - "The Slaughter Festival" is the German term for the ritual slaughter of an animal, usually followed by a feast. This tradition is still practiced in some regions of Germany, with a pig being the most common animal slaughtered. The Schlachtfest is traditionally a low-waste affair - every part of the animal is used and turned into roasts, bacon, sausages, soup, soap, and more. When inns held a Schlachtfest, they alerted passersby by hanging a pig bladder outside. [5]
  • Laus Deo - Latin for "praise be to God." This phrase is inscribed on the east side of the cap of the Washington Memorial in Washington, D.C. It is also the title of a poem composed by John Greenleaf Whittier celebrating the abolishment of slavery in January 1865. This phrase is frequently used in May Day ads including 10/25/17 and 4/29/05.
Boudin du Béarn
  • Boudin du Béarn - Béarnais sausage. A French regional variation on black pudding, made with pork blood, fat, and offal. This dish was traditionally made immediately after the slaughter of a pig and consumed quickly since it could not be preserved. [6]

Ad Interpretation

This ad comes at a very strange time in the world. Life as we know it has ground to a halt due to Covid-19. We are all homebound and isolated. The Arizona Daily Wildcat is not publishing a print or full digital edition, so even the May Day ad could not inhabit its normal public venue.

For me, this ad has a more upbeat and positive tone than most and I wonder if that's a reaction to our current state. "There is hope for us all," "Laus deo!", the celebratory banquet, "we have just begun." This might even be the first May Day ad with a designated soundtrack.

There's also the theme of milestones being reached in the pursuit of new beginnings - a database being prepared, CP-1 acheiving self-sufficiency, work beginning on the successor to The Throne of The Third Heaven, newly harvested pigs, fresh sausage.

The locations could also be interpreted hopefully - brothers might temporarily be quarantined in the Old Burial Ground, but preparations are still on for the Summer Tour and celebrations in the banqueting hall are around the corner.

I'll add more thoughts on clues and overarching meaning soon.

Orate pro nobis. - Hyacinth