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6/25/05 Ad
Publication Date June 25, 2005
Ad Source MM Site
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Ad Transcript

SR/CL: Leitmotiv: ούℵ ὂ ἐν τῇ ℵεφαλῇ, άλλ' έν ᾧ ἡ ℵεφαλἡ ἐστιν.




s3.16å☐Å! ★Щi






Ðõ∂>>5/1/89⊕ש 7


H. Cnattingius, Den centrala kyrkostyrelse i Sverige, 1611-1636 Uppsala (1939) @ 41.


μ = θ* / Δt sinφ .

Ad Artwork

In the center of the ad is a Tibetan inscription ཡང་དག་པའི་ད྄ན་པ་ above a chessboard surrounded on the left, right, and bottom by curly brackets.

The Tibetan translates to "Right Mindfulness," one of the practices of the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path.

And what is right mindfulness?
Here the monk remains contemplating the body as body, resolute, aware and mindful, having put aside worldly desire and sadness;
he remains contemplating feelings as feelings;
he remains contemplating mental states as mental states;
he remains contemplating mental objects as mental objects, resolute, aware and mindful, having put aside worldly desire and sadness;
This is called right mindfulness.

To the right is a quartered unit circle with a radius of 1. A dotted line symbolizes a fold parallel to the Y axis, with distance Δu* from 0. Inside the top right quarter is 5/1/89 and in the bottom right quarter is 6/25/05.

Ad Border

Solid black border.

Ad Image



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