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12/9/09 Ad
Publication Date December 9, 2009
Ad Source MM Site
Smiley Type Smiley with 6 hairs, Irregular Smiley

Ad Transcript

SR/CL: LEITMOTIV:"Strike while the iron is hot, but also strike to make the iron hot." --Cromwell



Mistah Kurtz}+{Finland Station}+{Andheri (East), Mumbai

Deep Ellum cell has verified the Elixir and Dallas Section has cybernetically certified the results for transmission to THE ORPHANAGE as per the preferred statistical delineation of Engels & Diehr (2003), J. of Clinical Epidemiology 56(10), pp. 968-976: POTABLE PERSUASION for the porcine population of via analogia, Danio rerio (clinical specimens). Jenny Geddes has independently verified viniferous delivery system(s), N by NW, on longitudinal samples both numerically and topologically congruent with the scum-bots of the initial trial series. Physiological durability over an extended temporal sequence currently undetermined but not critical to The Agenda. Itinerary for the Winter Tour on file in the Alternate Venue; access sub specie ADW, 5/1/92, Level III. Lorenzo Dow is within range of Jacksonborough[#2}}}*} "Pendus seront, pour une franche repeue!"--Rimbaud. **!++

AAQ88}}$]]+} Sergius Paulus > > "Bachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme"

Ad Border

The border is solid black with a circled 3 inset on the left side.

The interior border of the ad is a black border overlaid with the following:

  • Top: 49 ones
  • Left: 11 fours
  • Right: 11 twos
  • Bottom: 42 threes

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