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MAY DAY 2010
Publication Date April 30, 2010
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SR/CL: May Day, 2010

Leitmotiv: "Is war ein wunderlicher Krieg." --Luther


"For victory over all visable and invisible enemies"--иван грозный

Luther Gustavus Adolphus Calvin Cromwell



"God in whose hands are all our days and ways, did cast into my hand a book of Martin Luther, his Commentary on Galatians... I found my condition in his experience."


The Orphanage has instructed the Asylum Choir to reserve the Chart Room of The Hotel California for celebration of the 480th Anniversary of the Confessio Augustana. Invitations are valid both consule Planco et in praesenti; Endecott configured the electronic roster in the Alternate Venue—access via ADW 5/1/89 [Hausdorff closure space, 2nd Level]. Matthew Parker will greet and convey early arrivals at Foster's Wharf, issuing reserved berths ticketed by the Boston & Bangor S.C., to be cybernetically confirmed by Thomas Bradwardine. Let the Pigs line the wharf and look for what they cannot see and grasp for what they cannot grasp. No later than Trinity Sunday, Peggy Dow will begin to replicate the remarkable [rhodopsinic] results currently obtained by both Dallas Section and Jenny Geddes (N by NW). Chemnitz' analyses on the introductory trials [utilizing Local Pig Pond-scum] are confirmed sub specie Karlin-Rubin and neither Dallas Section nor Jenny Geddes has reported variance beyond mutatis mutandis the first deviation. Winthrop chaired the Skakelkomitee [Areva NC {inter alia}] and will outline the timeline vis-a-vis Siemens und Gelegenheit in den Osten. The Pelagian devils have sustained hammer-blows, with more to come. The time is NOW.

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