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Thank you for agreeing to help with the May Day Mystery Wiki! I really appreciate your contribution, and look forward to working with you! If you have any questions or issues please don't hesitate to contact me.


Basic Information

Our Wiki is powered by MediaWiki, the same platform that powers Wikipedia.

It also uses the MediaWiki formatting markup, which you can refer to and bookmark HERE.

Uploading Images and Media

When logged in, click the "Upload file" link on the left sidebar to upload.

Images can be inserted into pages and formatted using MediaWiki's image formatting markup documented HERE.

Embedding External Media

Wikimedia Commons images can be imported by clicking "Use this file on a wiki" from any Wikimedia Commons file detail page. This can be used for adding images to infoboxes, as well as regular sections. Copy the code snippet and paste into an MDM Wiki page to import the image and its metadata. Here's an example snippet:

[[File:Lucas Cranach d.Ä. - Martin Luther, 1528 (Veste Coburg).jpg|thumb|Lucas Cranach d.Ä. - Martin Luther, 1528 (Veste Coburg)]]

YouTube videos can be embedded, when appropriate, by using the following template. The start time can be changed and is defined in seconds.


General Section Formatting

==Lv. 2 Headline Text==

Used for Page Sections, like ==Ad Interpretation==
===Lv. 3 Headline Text===

Used for Page Subsections, like ===Historical References===
====Lv. 4 Headline Text====

Very rarely used.

Formatting Templates

Templates will allow us to maintain a consistent layout across the Wiki. I've tried to include many types of pages that may be created, but this section will continue to grow as the wiki does. Some templates use infoboxes—Please refer to Wikipedia's Infobox Documentation to learn more about them.

Ad Pages

Use the following template to create and format an ad page. Copy and paste the below code into a new page and fill in the appropriate information.

Please try to mirror the formatting (including bolding, italicizing, and spacing) of the original ad when digitizing the ad transcript.

|title = X/X/XX Ad
|subheader = MAY DAY XXXX
|label2 = Publication Date
|data2 = MONTH X, XXXX
|label3 = Ad Source
|data3 = [ MM Site]
|label4 = Smiley Type
|data4 = [[Smiley with X hairs]]

== Ad Transcript ==

==Ad Border==

==Ad Image==


==Ad References==

===Religious References===

===Historical References===

===Scientific References===

===Literary References===


Formatting Biographical Pages

Use the following template to create and format an biographical page. Copy and paste the below code into a new page and fill in the appropriate information.

|title = FULL NAME
|subheader = SUBHEADER
|image = [[File:FILENAME.jpg|200px|CAPTION]]
|label2 = Born
|data2 = MONTH DD, YYYY
|label3 = Died
|data3 = MONTH DD, YYYY (age XX)
|label4 = Nationality
|label5 = Occupation
|label6 = Religion
|label7 = Known For
|label8 = Wikipedia
|data8 = [ WIKI PAGE TITLE]




Linking Policy

Everything you need to know about linking in the MediaWiki ecosystem can be found here: MediaWiki Links. However, there are a few specific pointers and guidelines to keep in mind when linking on the MDM Wiki.

Internal Links

Link to other pages on this wiki when appropriate! If it's a person, place, or thing that is commonly mentioned in May Day clues, link it! Link by using double brackets like this:
. If you are unsure whether to link, ask a friend. Good examples of pages that should always be linked when mentioned:
[[Martin Luther]], [[Summer Tour]], and [[Pelagian Devils]]

Sometimes, the same person, place, or thing is referred to in a different way or abbreviated. A good example is G.A., an abbreviation for Gustavus Adolphus. Instead of linking G.A., use the pipe trick to make sure the link goes to the correct place. The Page Title before the pipe will be the link destination, but the text after the pipe will be displayed on your page.

 [[Gustavus Adolphus|G.A.]] 

Another method would be to use a redirect page (which we've done in some places), but overall, the pipe trick is much simpler and cleaner.

External Links

Link to external sources when necessary! Always link to if you've sourced an image or idea from that site. External links can be constructed like this:

 [ The May Day Mystery Wiki] 

Facts Vs. Theories

Since this wiki is so new, we'll have to work hard to strike the right balance between facts, suspicions, rumors, and theories. I'm open to ideas on how to do this, but for now, let's limit theories to the "Ad Interpretation," "Theories," or "Talk" sections of any page. Before putting forward a theory, try to present and document the facts that support it!

Edits, Corrections, and Deletions

Please don't delete anything! If you find inaccurate information or a section that needs updating, feel free to update it as long as the page is not currently being worked on by another person. If you'd like to expand on a page or topic's analysis with your own findings, go ahead.