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The Hotel California is a frequently-referenced location in the Mayday ads. Its location is not known.

Theories about Hotel Location

Some believe that the Hotel California is really the Westcott House, an Anglican theological college in Cambridge, England. This theory is based on the presence of "The Lambert Room," a small boardroom available for rent. The Westcott House was founded in 1881 by Bishop Brooke Foss Westcott, a respected New Testament scholar.

The Lambert Room at Westcott House

Another theory identifies the St. James Hotel & Restaurant in Cimmarron, NM. This hotel, founded in 1882, also contains a Lambert Room (Room #17) which is purportedly haunted. Description of haunting

The St. James Hotel

The George Hotel in Stamford, England is also a compelling theory. The hotel has been standing since 947 A.D., described by historians as "A very ancient hostelry, once belonging to the Abbots of Croyland." Its Lambert Room is named for a legendarily portly guest who frequented the hotel in the late 1700s and early 1800s. The oak-paneled room can be reserved for private parties and holds up to 46 people.

Known Rooms in the Hotel California